Platinum BioSciences Brands

Platinum BioSciences is comprised of five independently managed operating divisions. Each division is focused on a unique segment of the CBD market. Platinum BioSciences serves each division through the provision of leveraged corporate functions, i.e., finance, legal, marketing, information technology, etc. This structure enables each division to focus its efforts on product development, sales and marketing. Each division will maintain independent operations while consolidating financials up to the parent company.

Platinum BioSciences Divisions:


  • CommandoFX
  • Platinum BioSciences Direct
  • Grind Products


Platinum BioSciences has created the CommandoFX product line as a tribute
to the amazing men and women of the United States armed services and first responders. The initial set of Platinum products offered to this market include a transdermal pain cream and products for anxiety, stress or sleep. CommandoFX products will be sold across the U.S. in CBD stores, retail establishments, and in several popular convenience stores for wide accessibility.

In a demonstration of true appreciation for the sacrifices of Veterans and active-duty personnel, Platinum will donate a generous portion of proceeds to causes supporting these heroes and their families.

The CommandoFX mission focuses on serving Veterans:

  • CommandoFX products are specifically targeted for the medical conditions and needs of individuals experiencing pain, PTSD, anxiety, stress or sleeplessness and who currently have only a few quality medical alternatives to rely on.
  • Platinum is already engaged with a growing set of Veteran support organizations and influencers that have used and support our products. These organizations wish to share their experience to help get these novel products in the hands of those Veterans who need them.
  • John Daly and Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation has been selected as the initial recipient of Platinum’s contribution. Donations will provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members.
    John Daly Major Ed Foundation - Heart of a Lion

    Platinum BioSciences Direct

    Platinum BioSciences Direct provides a full spectrum of services including formulation to fulfillment, diversified sales opportunities spanning wholesale and distributor engagements, and international and online retail fulfillment.

    The Platinum BioSciences Direct vision encompasses:

    • Leveraging a broad range of market influencers and ambassadors to represent and promote Platinum’s product lines.
    • Full-service white labeling. Companies desiring to sell to unique or specialized markets using their sales, marketing and branding of premium products can partner to utilize Platinum formulations, production, packaging and fulfillment.
    • Supporting a diversified set of sales teams focused on designated specialty markets or targeted geographies.
    • Online e-commerce. In support of demand for direct online sales, Platinum has established platforms to enable both wholesale and retail sales and fulfillment.
    • Global, online retail markets. Platinum will position to provide selective products across broad, diverse or hard-to-service markets.

      Grind Products originate from the idea that every path to success has its grind. Goals worth achieving require hard work and absolute commitment. No matter the payoff, realizing the objective can become a grind.  

      The tasks to success are riddled with minute details, tedious activities and repetition. The executive understands the laborious task of completing the corporate proposal. The athlete recognizes the focus and determination required to achieve the win. The student knows the arduous process of researching and producing the final project. The artist fights the exhaustion of bringing the masterpiece to completion. The list goes on. At one point or another, each person faces a grind at work, at home or at play.  

      Designed to promote personal and consistent best, Grind Products are built to support the body through common problems encountered through the grind. Grind Products offer help for focus, anxiety, pain and sleep so you can persevere through each moment and ultimately cross the finish line.